Save file doesn´t work

I am very very new here so idk how this site works but i need help.

So my dad was playing age of empires 2 and i needed to take out my charger from the extension lead, where my computer was connected, and idk how this happened but it was hard to take it out so i used both hands and my one hand just slipped on the switch and turned everything off.
But right when i turned it off dad said he had just then clicked to save the game he was playing so he went back in the game when we turned it on but when he tries to open the save file the game just closes completely.

Why does that happen and can i get the save file to work?

Hi @SuitingMitten20, Were you playing Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition or a different version of Age of Empires II?

Hey there @SuitingMitten20! Would you mind zipping up a copy of your dxdiag.txt and the savegame file, uploading it to Google Drive or OneDrive, and then sharing it with us? We are working on a fix for this issue and would love to take a look at the file itself.

In that vein, a few questions:

  • Echoing @anon63664082 : Are you playing on the classic AoE2 or the Definitive Edition of the game?
  • Do you know what version the game was on when you saved the file?
  • Can you share the version of the game that you are on now?
  • Are you playing on the Windows Store or Steam version of the game?

Thank you!

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