Save file Information Loss Compared to real game

As the example highlights, when you load a save, the villagers “spawn” in, idle briefly, and are then issued the command they had previously. As is the case with the lumberjack that was about to deliver their wood, it went back to the tree before re-delivering it to the TC. This gives the save file less resources than the real game. The paused food gathering also caused a 4-ish food deficit which was enough to delay the production of the 5:th villager with this specific buildorder by 1-2 seconds.( manual food dropoff was no longer enough to queue villager before the 4:th finished when there used to be a 3 food surplus)

Why this is an issue: In competitive rts, seconds matter. It takes tens of hours iterating on buildorders, and with this bug, you can’t create buildorder checkpoints once you’re done with the first 2,3,4 minutes etc., as every checkpoint destroys information. This makes the only true way of benchmarking the build to itself re-excecuting it time and time again.

Thanks @UnrulyHornet524! I see what you’re saying; commands are restarted instead of resumed. While I’m not entirely sure anything can be done here, I’ll take it to the team. Much appreciated!

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