Save the forgotten Elephant meme unit, give them AOE attacks

i dont understand why devs sleeping on this very under used expensive unique unit
they are super slow, wouldnt it be better if they gave them AOE attacks

Landsknecht already have that mechanic ingame, so it wouldnt be hard to implement it for elephants

it became such a rare sight to see a delhi player, wouldnt more variety in civs make the game better and more fun?


I agree, they should make the elephants viable so that they can be seen more and facilitate the gameplay of delhi so that it can be seen more at all elo and not just at high elo. So also recover units that have been removed from the meta by different patches such as the Chinese grenadiers.


At this point, give them whatever, anything’d help them. War elephants in particular are probably the worst unique unit in the game, even though it’s technically a good damage sponge, nobody’s actually going to attack them, a walking spearman for ##### 400g is not a threat.


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aoe attack
activated charge
higher base speed
reduced cost
faster/more impactful imp tech

there’s a lot of different of things they could buff to make them not only stronger but also more interesting. here’s to hoping

but im also worried we wont get a patch this year, which means mid jan at the earliest :confused:


Personally I like the idea of a charge. They could have it straight up one shot infantry or do aoe damage.


aoe attack
activated charge
higher base speed
reduced cost
faster/more impactful imp tech

@SavageEmpire566 pls

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Also give them the ability to fly

They should also have mana and many active abilities and you should be able to purchase items for them in the shop and… WAIT! OOPS

Bueno en el aoe 3 los elefantes cuestan entre 5 a 7 espacios de población osea equivalen a 5 o 7 mosqueteros o 3 husares, pero hay cartas que pueden mejorar esas falencias entre esas estan:

Domesticar Elefantes: Los elefantes reducen su tiempo de adiestramiento y coste en un 10%
Entrenadores Profesionales: Reduce el coste de población de los elefantes en -1
Combate de elefantes: Mejora el daño y el HP de los elefantes en un 20%
Armadura de elefante Mogol: Aumenta en un 10% la armadura de todas las unidades de elefantes.

En el caso de aoe 4 en vez de cartas obviamente podrian ser mejoras, y esa carta que mejora la armadura podria traducirse como +3 de armadura a mele y +4 de armadura antiproyectil

Warriors excel exclusively in forced and prolong engagements. I like the idea of a snare but since too many ppl dislike that idea I’d suffice if they had a palace guard speed. 1.38 tiles/s

This would absolutely boost their force engagement encounters since it’s the only melee that can attack while on the move.

I’m confident if they upgrade the speed to that of palace guard speed of 1.38 tiles/s , warrior elephants would become OP vs any infantry in a chase down situation. I say that bc horsemen have the fastest speeds in game at 1.88 tiles per sec but given how most melee attack works (meet 0.29 tile range requirements, commence an instant aiming, then wind up the attack, then wind down, add delays, then repeat) i believe it makes the average speed of the horsemen chasing villagers 1.29 tiles/s (ignoring charge animation).

So elephants being able to do their spear attack while the elephant itself keep chasing the charge (attempting to do its tusk melee attack), would out perform horsemen in this chase down scenario. And given most infantry are slower than villagers, virtually nothing on foot would be able to out run the elephants!!

For a melee unit that cost 1k resources, i think this would be a great way to implement its prowess.

Clown , it’s obviously not everything in one buff


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I see what you trolled there.

Cost is the main problem. They simply arent cost efficient even with mass healing. Cut the cost by 1/3 to 1/2 and people will make them again.

thats not going to happen, thats way too cheap

Suggested in a different thread they cut the cost down to 750 but 800 would also work.

Make tower elephants 900 resources and war 800 resources.

In in mid castle time if you have 2 of these boys with a mass of archers/crossbow to support, you can barrel down a choke point (like on altai) and force the high apm micro out of your enemy. Add a handful of scholars and you’re in chaege of a viable comp for tight corridor fights. Especially if the price is reduced to 800 resources ##### 200g or 500f 300g)

Ive only been thinking of ways to buff the war elephants combat presence vs bio units… what if ONLY the war elephants gain both the melee equivalent of culverin dmg vs siege units AND the equivalent of a bombard’s dmg vs buildings and ships?!!

Currently both elephants do 100 siege per 5 something seconds? Worse than the 300 wood ram (that also needs to get close and personal). This woupd be yet another way to increase the war elephants effectiveness.

The elephant(s) should be rewarded for being able to catch enemy siege?

Tower elephants need 6 range. These units are already slower than siege let their benefits be both range and slow kiting.

Right now in late game they get sniped by opposing range units…when they SHOULD be impervious to non javelin range attacks.

Lastly tower elephants need a new stance that auto kites? Maybe too much??