Saved Game Date One Month Behind

I have the Microsoft Store version of AOE2: DE and it should be the latest build. Seems like when I save games the save date of saved games is always 10/23/2019. Just wondering why that is if anybody else sees that too.


Exactly one month late, it’s probably an issue with how the game gets the current month value. In many cases in coding they get the number of the month going from 0 to 11 instead of 1 to 12, looks like someone forgot to add a +1 in the number of the month for when saving the game.

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33164.0)
  • Platform (Microsoft Store)


Save a SP or campaign game and see the month is one lower than the actual month (-1).

I just saved this one today before making pancakes for diner. :smiley:

Yes mine to, the saved games and the autosave is always 30 days behind today’s date.

it hasn’t been fixed yet in the latest build released today, but that’s okay. It just looks funny until the day the AOE2 DE devs release a new version that corrects the problem :slight_smile:

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My date looks better with todays download.

Update 34699