Saved games: can't delete already existing stuff post-Indian dlc update

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  • GAME BUILD #: 61321
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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When loading a saved game from before the Indian dlc update, I can’t delete anything anymore that already exists. Building, soldier or villager, it just stays. If I build or train something new, the delete command functions however for the new stuff.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Load a saved game from before the Indian dlc update
  2. Try to delete something you own.

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Anything I own should be deletable. (Especially important for quickwalls, buildings or popspace that became superfluous).

Savegames generally are not compatible with new updates.

Savegames are compatible, it’s replays which aren’t.

Whoever has an Indian saved game should open it. It runs fine, but it’s the old Indians, dressed up as the new Hindustanis. It’s very funny. xD

Right, but even if you are able to load old saves, there may be unexpected behavior, which is precisely what you are describing. This is not a bug that can be fixed, but simply a side effect of having a major patch that changes how things are handled in the gamedata. I would argue that being unable to delete objects is reason enough to consider the savegame incompatible.


Was this a custom scenario? Do you still have that save game?


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Thank you for your reply! This affects official games. This saved game is an example (last mission of the official Burgundian campaign).
_C_Burgundians6 (Dukes of the west) fun left X).aoe2spgame (1.6 MB)

The latest hotfix (61591) did not resolve the issue. Nothing that already exists can be deleted.

Saved games are extremely important to me. I replay saved games that I particularly like many times over. This one (Burgundians6) is just before I click Flemish revolution, aka “the button”.

Hi @AoE2and3fan!

We are now tracking this issue.

Thanks for your report!

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What would happen if someone only on the 1st scenario downloaded and finished that save? Would it count? Would it break the game?

Unfortunately I don’t understand the question. What do you mean?

I’ll just go through this step by step, to make it as clear as possible.

  1. You have a save level, partway through the final level of the Burgundian campaign.
  2. Someone else could then download that file.
  3. That person however, might not have played/beaten any of the levels in the Burgundian campaign.
  4. If they then complete the final level, without having unlocked anything up to it, what does the game do?
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Asking the important questions! :smile:

Well, you’re lucky, as I’ve got the answer! (It so happens I own the game twice, a second time for co-op campaigns with relatives who don’t own the game, so I was able to check).

→ One can open the file and play the not yet unlocked mission from that point on. BUT, afterwards, the mission, or any previous not yet unlocked one of the campaign for that matter, isn’t unlocked. A fair solution if you ask me.
(As a sidenote, as your question was about the Burgundian campaign, the usual rule applies that as far as dlc content is concerned, the game needs to have the dlc to open campaign files related to it).

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I was just using the Burgundian campaign as an example because that was where your file came from. I can’t say I’m too surprised with the result, but it’s interesting anyway.

The bug has been fixed, thank you devs! :smile: