Saved Stuff/ Guardado en la nube

Hi, i’m actually playing on Xbox PC (thanks to the xbox gamepass) and i want to buy the game on Steam… It’s my progress (like the event exclusive player icons or mods) saved on xbox live?
Hola, actualmente estoy jugando desde el Xbox gamepass de pc y quiero comprar el juego en Steam… Pero no se si mi progreso (especialmente los iconos y mods que te dan como recompensa de los eventos) esta guardado en mi pc, en las carpetas de xbox, o en la nube de xbox. Y si está guardado en la nube, ¿Es compatible con steam?

Hi @JorgeRey999, The event mods and player icons are linked to your Xbox Live sign in, so as long as you sign into the Steam version using the same Microsoft Account you used with the Microsoft Store (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate\for PC) version they will carry over.


What doesn´t carry over from steam and Microsoft Store is your campaign progress, save game and everything related to it.