Saxon Trabants

I’d love to see the Saxon Trabants train limit changed to 20 instead of the current 10 or at least make an infinity card of 10.

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HIstorically saxon trabants were limited in population to 10 because the landsharks they guarded wanted to reduce the possibility of mutiny. aoe3de is first and foremost rooted in historical accuracy; please read before propsing a drastic chagne like this that spits in the faces of history enjoeyrs

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First off, it’s an open chat I can make any suggestion I want and second, historically, that wouldn’t make sense to raise a force that could potentially turn on a monarch. As a matter of fact many royal guard units were loaned out due to there skill.


i guess(/hope) he is trolling, since there were more than 10 trabants in saxony


Maybe a good option would be if the “Circle Army” Home City card additionally increased the training limit of units from German Royal Houses - the training limit of these units could be increased by 100%, but in return their training would be more expensive.

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Another Home City card that I think could be spiced up is “Mercenary Camps”. I think that after using it, it should not work on already built Taverns. Settlers could continue to build Taverns according to the rules. Mercenary Camp would simply be treated as a separate building that could be built by the Explorer and the Landwehr. The limit of possible Mercenary Camps to build would be 5. This building would be completely independent of the Tavern despite having a similar effect.

Mercenary Camps would only offer German mercenaries (fixed selection of all German mercenary units). I think a good solution and making this building more attractive would be that it would provide additional population slots - only for mercenary units.

So, in short, about my proposed changes for this HC card:

  • Mercenary Camps do not replace Taverns
  • Mercenary Camps are only buildable for Explorer and Landwehr’s
  • Mercenary Camps provide additional population slots, but are reserved exclusively for mercenaries

There are a couple of balance points here:

  1. The trabant has a gold cost instead of wood, so it is relatively easier to produce than most minor tribe units
  2. The trabant is also offered with the saxon cuirassier which is very strong
  3. The trabant is a melee unit which absorbs damage from other units, meaning it is a strong meat shield

Personally, I find that they die way too fast and I’d like to see them beefed up a bit merely just to accommodate their designed role as damage absorbing guards. I’m not sure the solution is to have more of them, or if it would be better to simply make them stronger and increase cost accordingly. In fact, I think the latter would be better if they’re to be elite-type units like the cuirassier is.

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