Scenario Burgundians - how to improve?

Hello, I have created a scenario that simulates all known bonuses from the burgundians to some degree,
but it still needs a lot of improvements.

  1. Giving Player 1 accesss to early Eco Upgrades with “Enable/Disable Technology” somehow made these Upgrades inaccessible to all other players. Why? Is there a better way then to also use another trigger to reenable them?

  2. To count dead knights, I used “Dead unit ID”, but making Triggers for any amount of these units so the right ammount of gold is returned seems like bad programming. I just now found out that “teleport object” will only ever* teleport 1 object at a time, so it could be used to remove 1 dead unit, return the gold, repeat; but its so slow the dead units could affect things. I’d use invible object or map revealers, but they can be teleported to the same place. I now try it with wooden bridge top, which is basically perfect, but just unsightly. Is there an invisible object that can’t be teleported/placed on occupied spaces?

  3. If I increase Franks farm upgrade costs, why does it always work the first time, but becomes free any other time, and why does it only reset after restarting the game?

I know this ammount of frustration should probably get me to ditch the scenario editor and try the genie editor, just to see how madrasah returns gold, but I can’t even get script calls in the scenario editor right.