Scenario Editor: Adjusting elevation takes several seconds

Issue: When adjusting elevation in the game editor, the game takes several seconds to compute the change.


Version: 101.101.34223.0 4509956

Details/Reproduce issue: When in the editor, go to the terrain options. Select the elevation brush type, then click on the map to change the elevation. After clicking, for about 6 seconds, the game freezes and the cursor becomes locked to the map screen. Approximately another 6 seconds later, the cursor changes to the blue loading ball. Another 6 seconds later, the game unfreezes and reflects the appropriate elevation changes
This issue occurs regardless of the elevation size/brush type. The visual settings don’t appear to make a difference, as this issue occurs with both high and low settings. UHD graphics are not being used at any point.
I haven’t seen this issue listed anywhere else, so I suspect it’s a problem specifically with my PC. I’ve attached a dxdiag.txt for more context.DxDiag.txt (108.2 KB)

Any input on this is appreciated. Thanks!