Scenario editor bugs

Game Version 101.101.32911.0.4395365

Hey guys. I’ve been using the scenario editor a lot for a complex trigger map i wanted to make and I found some bugs.

-Selecting a waterfall from units>gaia>other tab and moving it next to the borders of the map causes my game to crash. (tried it several times and always happens. Easy to recreate)

-Spawning a Siege workshop through triggers (with the create object effect) creates an unfuctional version of the siege workshop (can’t create units or research technologies). This particularly affects my map’s development.
-Sometimes, when loading the test, objects mess up with the models and show wrong ones (such as a tree looking like a compressed mountain model or a wall looking like a minihouse). I also experienced this when reloading a game recording.



I invite you to visit heaven games’ aok forum. A big compilation of editor’s bugs is being made there.

Aok heaven games Aok design forums


Please report all bugs on the official Age of Empires forums. It is the most direct way to communicate bug reports to the developers.

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Yes it is being done too. But as you cant update post, we are using other resources to compile and then post :v:

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Hello, I would like to add that many animated objects like waterfalls, smoke, flames, butterflies cause game to crash when getting near edge of the map.
Here is the link to the GIF:
Smoke placement bug

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