Scenario Editor: Can't edit Historical Battles

I have observed that it is possible to edit campaign scenarios and some of the historical battles with the “scenario editor”, however the new scenarios from the latest DLC seem to be unable to be modified with this tool. I have all the aoe3de DLC and I have updated my Nvidia to its latest version. I still can’t edit the scenarios in the editor, but I can play them in campaign mode (“Historical Battle”). Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Or are those scenarios impossible to edit for some compatibility reason or something like that?

It’s not a bug, it’s normal. It’s to prevent access to people who don’t own the paid dlc, because the user could share the scenario for free, and that’s not the point. Starcraft 2 applies the same system.
After all, I agree that it’s frustrating because there are new things the developers are using that are interesting but that we’ll never get to see.


Hey troteck, i want to ask you some scenario related question.

How do i set resources for the AI in the editor after choosing a specific map. Lets say i select borneo, 3 players, -1 seed, -1 team. All members that are players selected - 1 (3-1) number default to having 100k res and there is no way to change that.

I looked at the trigger garant res but that doesn’t accept negative value.


What do you want to do? I would set the AI resource value to zero unless a cpndition is fulfilled

whats the trigger name to fix the res value?,26139,3420,all

Hello, can you explain again I didn’t really understand what you wanted.