Scenario editor | homecity editor doesn't work

I’ve been trying to make a map for the treaty tournament that I’m planning to run and then after finishing everything I realized that the homecity editor is not working after when you load the file. The only way that you can set the cards and the decks is just the first time when you open a new/blank scenario. You might say this is fine, so you can set the decks at first but the problem is that, after the game gets updates the cards will change or even new cards will be added so, in that case, have to start making a new scenario to add all those cards and then remake the whole map again and again which is pretty frustrating. So, why not just fix this issue? I’ve tried to contact some people from the Art of War and then they said that this issue has been there since legacy. Why you don’t make any action for these long-term bugs?

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You want a real map instead of a scenario? This way your deck issue is non-existent.

As I said making it for the treaty tournament that I will run later. So yea making a map in scenario editor.

No, maps aren’t made in scenario editor. Scenarios are made in scenario editor. I’m offering my map making services to you if you’d like and the timeline isn’t too tight.

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Please contact me on Discord channel: Jägerchere