Scenario Editor is completely broken

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.34397.0 4546676
  • Steam


— Patrolling Bug —
The issues is not really so easy to list, but essentially, the scenario editor (and triggers especially) is close to being broken. If I’m to choose one specific function, then patrolling is non-functioning, most features does not do the adverticed effect, and most details on triggers are removed when pressed - as in; if you view a trigger you have made (which units or place you selected), it removes your choice and resets the effects. This is especially true for patrolling triggers.

— UI/Picture Bug —
When creating a scenario, Player 1 (not sure about Player 3-8) is missing it’s pictures on EVERYTHING. Units, buildings, techs, etc. This is absolutely unacceptable, as it is completely game-breaking (not playable unless you know all spots for research, units and buildings by default)… I have NO clue how that happens, but it is absolutely GAME BREAKING…

Reproduction Steps:

— Patrolling Bug —

  1. Create a trigger with a patrol function (even with 1 unit).
  2. Try reviewing the trigger (view object/unit/location).
  3. The effect is now reset (viewing object resets the location, viewing unit resets destination, etc.).

— UI/Picture Bug —

  1. Create a random scenario.
  2. Test the scenario (apparently no one from your dev team tried creating a simple map using the built-in editor, lol).

As it stands now, I have given up on the editor, there are simply WAY too many bugs, glitches and errors that makes the whole ordeal very slow and repetitive (which I understood was part of the point of doing a definitive edition with added trigger functions (such as copy and variables).
It is really demoralizing to see your progress disappear, and honestly, I am baffled that you haven’t fixed it yet, since it surely limits the ability to make enjoyable campaigns for other players than me (which is mostly why I create campaigns, to see people enjoy them), and also considering it was a bug all the way back in AoE2 classic (going through HD, still present in DE)

Screenshot for UI/Picture Bug

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It seems the January 2020 update has (somewhat) fixed the issue of missing UI/pictures, but the patrolling and general trigger functions are still extremely unreliable

That being said, I am SO impressed with your dev team, who have done incredible work on this game and constant bug-fixing. I know I may sound like an angry old man sometimes, but I truly do appreciate the amount of effort that is being put into AoE2:DE, but honestly, I think at this point the whole editor could use a redo…

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