Scenario Editor Issue

Hi, I have an issue with the scenario editor and a trigger. The trigger itself activates on the player having 500 kills. It creates a villager, sets the HP to 1500, and moves the villager to another location. While this all works for Player 1, setting the HP to 1500 doesn’t work for Players 2-8. The villager gets created just fine, but their HP does not get altered at all. I have tried all sorts of things I could think of with no luck. The scenario in question can be found by searching “EXCALIBUR” in the AoE 2 DE mods page. The trigger in question is called “P2 500 Kills Rewards”.

Of note, this is a map that was fully working in original AoE 2 (not HD) and converted into AoE 2 DE. To test this trigger quickly, you can change the Units Killed - Accumulate Attribute condition to 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wish I could share the map here directly, but can’t.