Scenario Editor Issues!

Hello! I’m a scenario maker in Age of Empires 2:DE.

This is wahat i spend most of my time doing so i thinks its time for me to leave my report to you guys on the issues ive stumbled upon in the scenario editor.
Some old and some more recent.

-Enable/Disable tech,
For example, if I were to disable a unit for one player, it would be disabled for all player in the scenario.
Same for techs.

-Change train location,

And then to change the training location.
This feature stopped working after an update a few months ago and some of my maps then broke.
So if I wanted throwing axemen to be trained in archery range instead of arbalest in did work until that update.

-Timer, the good ol’ timer that does not work.

Editor in general:

-Disable Units and such does not work in the “Options” section in the scenario editor.
If this did work the trigger wouldn’t be needed but now its that both dont work!

These are the things i can think of now! Maybe if I come up with something more i’ll post it here?


So we have the option of choosing sandstonecliff in the editor but we only get two versions that kinda looks like granite!
When will we get the sandstone? :smiley:

Idea for decoration model: Runestone! In the Gaia - Other section.

More cool stuff would ofc be appriciated like terrains, trees and decoration models in general!
But yea not the most important thigs to do I assume! :smiley:

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