Scenario Editor Sound Directory

Hi there, when I was younger, I was really big into the Scenario Editor when I played the original AOE3, importing custom sounds and image files for my maps and such. I was wondering what the default directory is in this game to import these items?

Whenever I try to open the in-game file browser, I get no results and just a blank screen. Something I appear to be able to do in AOE3DE is that I’m able to navigate to actual directories on my computer and select files from there, however they never work and just seem to not understand the file paths.

In the original AOE3, all I had to do was drag an MP3 into the “sound” folder to make sounds work and vice versa, but since they’ve packaged most sounds into a .BAR file I’m unsure if we’re even able to import custom assets for our scenarios, as I believe it’s referring to these packaged files as the actual sound directories, any help on where to actually place these files would be appriciated.


I would appreciate an answer to this also.

You could try to cook the new files inside the root. Game doesnt seem to read directly from the folder anymore (guess it has something to do with the Mod system they implemented), but adding / changing the BAR directly worked.

It will be messy to distribute anything thou, if you have to include the whole BAR file =/

@ScummyPants @CompoundFaun302

I did some testing for this and found that browsing for the sound files is broken, but you can still use the sound file if you know the file path for your desired sound. You can do this by opening the file, or if you still have the Complete Collection installed and going through the sound folder. For example, if you wanted to play the revolution music you would need to paste in: ypack\music\strategy\revolootin.mp3

Hope this helps.


I was able to play a custom sound by creating a new file via Vlad’s resource manager, but it breaks some other sounds. I suppose replacing existing ones might prevent others from breaking, but it’s not ideal.

Got custom sounds working by making a folder in the mods folder and putting it there, eg. name of mod>sound>ypack.
Doesn’t seem like it’s working for playing music, no matter which directory I try. It will play as a Dialog file if you put it in ypack but it bugs out after about 10 seconds.

Just tested, works as a Dialog if you convert to a wav file.

Nice work! Definitely seems like there’s a lot of potential with the ease of adding custom sounds now.