Scenario Editor Trouble

I have been working on a custom scenario for over 30 hours now, But I have for a while now been unable to test it.

Yesterday, when I tried testing it (and playing it in a multiplayer lobby) I would get kicked back to the main menu: “File Error 23”

Today when I tried testing it, It worked the first time, But since then, Every time I try the game crashes.

I should probably mention that the game created a copy of my scenario called “default0” that has got its own separate (but identical) file in my folder. It also mirrors all the updates I make to my original scenario, and keeps itself updated. I don’t know why this exists, and if I should delete it.

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It seems, that this is some kind of an autosave and it existed even in HD. Generally just ignore it, but remember it is there in case that you forget to save your scenario or it crashes before saving.