Scenario Editor - Update disabled Attack and Armor modification?

Please help, after the update, modify attribute no longer works for attack and armor. I have a lot of selfmade maps and all of them were working fine before the update. Now after updating - every unit’s attack and armor have reverted back to default stats. HP, attack speed etc. still work just fine. Please help this needs a fix… I cant play any of my modified maps :frowning:

THX :wink:

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Welcome to the club homie, I’ve been having the same issue. A bug report of this was made the same day the “patch” (that broke it) came out.

Unfortunately the Editor in general is just not well taken care of/prioritized, which is nuts given that AFAIK the majority of people who own the game play Single Player/Campaigns/Scenarios predominantly, and this is a major bug that affects a huge number of scenarios and user created campaigns.

My most optimistic estimate for when this would be fixed is the end of the month, although it may well be longer (August/September - whenever the balance patch is released). Until then, all we can do is voice our displeasure and ask for better prioritization of the editor.


Is this issue being fixed or are we going to have to wait 1 year+ for this? Im just asking because i have a HUGE project of a map going on there and its 70% completed but its on hold now because of this error.

Just want to know if i will ever finish the map… cuz if this takes a year im out…
Its really a quick fix man i can fix that in game files in 1 day… you are a team of professionals… :confused: thx

Hard to say, there isn’t really a line of communication between players and devs, except in the Bug Report forum, where they’ll give you a generic response about the issue being tracked, but no clues as to timeline or prioritization. We also don’t really have any kind of celebrity to champion the cause and bring this to the devs’ attention, like T90 did with the Regicide bug.

I also don’t buy that it’s some kind of advanced technical issue either. In the AoC days, the Editor was a lot more limited, but just about everything in it worked (heck, a lot of the “bugs” were actually useful, as they could let you do cool things like make units immortal). I think this is something that a few enthusiastic amateurs could have fixed in a day, or a week tops, but is not being done due to red tape and the minimal effort and care that has been put into the editor since day 1 of DE.

I fully expect it to be fixed by the next balance patch, but even so, they will have held my finished scenarios hostage for 3-4 months. Without strong, explicit evidence that they’ll rearrange their priorities and bulletproof the editor, I see no reason why similar Editor sourced bugs won’t pop up as a result of future updates. And I hate to be a downer, but I see no reason why they would suddenly start to prioritize the editor without a shift in financial incentives.

And if it’s not fixed by the next patch/update/month or 2…yeah, gotta cut my losses.