Scenario editor

Im trying to figure out how to use events, triggers, and victory conditions to make a tsudo tower defense scenario for myself but i am having issues with getting the ai to attack in set intervels or waves, change gate/wall health values to go from invincible to vulnurable after a condition is met (base A is destroyed therefore gate B is vulnerable alongside base B), give the AI infinite recources instead of 99999 recources in their boxs, and finally give certain enemy ai’s faster buildtimes without having to make them goths. With all this in mind I’m trying to find sources that would show me the basics/recources needed to make the above happen. Thank you for your time.

Hi, it’s more questions so I’ll answer in points:

Wave attacks: I was using something like that in one scenario - you can use timer as an condition and then event Task Object or Attack Move (you have to specify the “area” of units that are effected by that)
Invincibility: you can periodically heal the object or you can change it hitpoints (Modify Attribute → Hit points)
infinite resources: You can loop trigger that periodically add all resources needed to the particular player
About the build time: the Modify Attribute event and “Train time” is what you’re looking for.