Scenario: Enabling Certain Cheat (Flying Dutchman)

There is an event cheat called “Flying Dutchman” which allows water ship to navigate on land, this is ideal for my scenario where ships can beach on to the shore (using modify proto to slow it down when it reaches a certain distance from the ocean) and make it much easier to drop of units.

However, I ONLY want this cheat to be enabled at the start of the round and works across all players (multiplayer). Unless there is another way to change movement type to water and land.

I have never actually tried it…
Trigger : send spoofed chat
Maybe try that ?
It basically just sends a text message as if the player had written it.

Unfortunately this wouldnt work as when you need to host it, you need to enable cheats for it to work, which allows other people to use cheat commands. Additionally, It’s only restricted to people who have unlock it from the event.
Is there another way this can achieved?

Just so we are clear, do you want to place a flying dutch for every player at the start of the game. Is that right?

No, not place but enable it. It allows all naval ships to move across land. I want it enabled across all players at the start.

Like, they can build it? You can enable any object with triggers, but currently there’s no function to change train location of an unit (or tech research for that matter), so if the cheat already makes the ship trainable at the dock, just enable it with triggers. Otherwise, you are out of luck

I was thinking of the Flying Dutchman from AoE1. Ignore this comment

Well, my main problem is trying to enable this cheat in the first place. When you host a scenario their is an option to enable/disable cheat but I don’t want to enable it as it will allow other types of cheat to be used, I just need this particular cheat on across all user.

I can investigate further if I can find the files of the cheat effects and maybe make a custom trigger to enable it.

You can control the ‘messages’ with triggers, like the previous reply said. You enable cheat code, then make a trigger to write the cheat code at the start of the scenario and then control the messages if they are other cheats, and delete them.

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The message sent by the trigger doesnt recognizes it as a code (using unlockables and locked code). If it was to work, whoever (other than me) host it must have unlock the cheat code back when the Ageiversary Event was on.

Anyways, I did a bit of research and how the game recongizes it as a code isnt located in the files but inside the .exe files, which means I wont be able to find out how it exactly works. Kinda sucks that the feature I wanted to implement in my scenario is behind a locked event, a cheat code that requires to be sent through player sided chat and requiring the cheat to be enabled when it is hosted. Was hoping that can it be modfied using Modify Protounit.

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unfortunately scenario barely gets updated

The only update it got was the searchbar.
Otherwise it’s no different than the 1.0 version from aOe3 nilla

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no, they also fixed the proto unit modifier

" fixing "
They added a new one, because the old one is from aom Wich didn’t support damage types ^^

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