Scenario flagged by admin

I wasn’t active in this forum for a long time (for some unknown reason I couldn’t log in :frowning: ), so I am not aware of how I can find an administrator easily^^ Because I would like to ask, why my custom campaign “Rise and Fall of the Seleucids” is flagged as inappropriate? Because the campaign shouldn’t harm anyone and was already available for more than a year without any complaint.

So I would like to know from an admin, what I have to change, so that it is again available for download or if it is just a misunderstanding.

Thank you in advance and I hope, I’m not suffering again the inability of logging in, so that I’m able to solve this mysterious case :see_no_evil:


@DodoNotDoDo Would you please look into why this custom scenario may have been flagged?

@DeciusFlavius Apologies, there was an error in the flagging logic so it was disabled when it shouldn’t have been. I’ve reenabled it again on the site and fixed the error. Thanks!

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Thanks again @DodoNotDoDo!

@DodoNotDoDo @RadiatingBlade Thank you both very much for solving this issue!


I’ve also had my four of my scenarios Flagged:

Dawn of Carthage:
After the Flood:
Alexander in India:
Alexander in Bactria:

@DodoNotDoDo Would you please look into @PhillySouljah’s flagged scenarios?

I’ve restored access to them as I see no reason for them to have been flagged.


Thank you very much @DodoNotDoDo. :smiley:

Hi, my AoE:DE custom scenario “Alexander in Bactria” has been “flagged by an admin” and is no longer searchable. I cannot imagine why it’d be in this status.

@DodoNotDoDo Are you able to clear this up for PhillySouljah?

@PhillySouljah I’ve unflagged it. It just hit a threshold for random people flagging it.


My AoE:DE custom scenario has been flagged by an admin pls help :frowning: