Scenario flagged

My scenario has been flagged again and i dont know why, its the second time they flag it. It is just a normal campaign I completed and tested it a lot of times and it has no offensive content and all those things. I worked a lot on it so I would appreciate someone to help me.

Do you use certain words to describe a certain ethnicity in the Philippines? Yeah, they don’t like that, even if it’s considered neutral in Philippines and Spanish speaking world.

The American SJW strikes again

If that’s the case though, this is the ethnicity in question. Interesting bunch, they were confused with African pygmies for a while, but they’re an unrelated to them, but related to Melanesians and Indian aboriginals. Although “Negritos” is a group of ethnicities, to be more precise, but they also call themselves Negritos

If even explaining to you still makes admins and wannabe mods (flaggers) mad because it’s such a mean word in their language, go ahead, ban me, flag me, I don’t care. It won’t make you smarter.

It wont fix anything either. The damn language filter needs to go. AOE1DE doesn’t have one, or at least didnt the few days I played lol.

I get MS wants to “fit in” with everybody else, but free speech is so important. You see how political parties are being favored already(not taking sides) and facefook is trying to act like it knows the “truth” and can be trusted to filter out false information. When I saw that I almost choked.

It’s what we were always warned about, when the giant media mongols pun intended feed us the only “truth” we need to hear. Might be a little extreme considering we’re talking about a language filter, but it doesn’t work half the time and the rest of the time filters regular words and makes in-game chat very counterintuitive.

Half of me thinks that the tech industry needs to work on being MORE intuitive, and the other half of me thinks they don’t have the talent to do that so we get broken language filters instead.

Saltine crackers are delicious btw. :slight_smile: