Scenario Making Question

So i plan on making a couple of scenarios for my own use.

i have had to make several triggers that will apply in every single scenario.

is their any way to copy those triggers over to new scenarios from old ones?

If you know programming, then you can probably use AOE 2 Scenario Parser for exporting/importing triggers.

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You could create a “template” scenario in the scenario editor. That is, create a scenario with all the triggers you want to use in the future. Then, just re-save it with a new name every time you make a new one.

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I find it simply put - hilarious - you don’t know what trigger studio is
You commented on my post with such vigor and enthusiasm I feel only an Expert would have
Well, we know what the truth is :slight_smile:
Here is everything you need to copy and paste triggers at will
keep up the good work! I love watching new kids come to the game

You are aware that the Trigger Studio is not supported for Definitive Edition right?
The only way to copy triggers at the moment is with Python and

It requires more work, about 30 seconds worth, but to each his own
Don’t save it in DE until you are absolutely done.

make sure to put mongol hunters -50% work rate, make it less OP