Scenario profis here?

Hey guys, I used about 8 TC’s to determine the starting location of all TC’s, it was only a placeholder, after removing them and trying several times to change the TC’s, the 3 Chinese Villager spawn everywhere, where the 8 initial TC’s have been set, and i have no clue how to prevent this anymore (Yes i could use a trigger to remove all civilians at the start of the map, but that wouldnt be the ideal solution. Additionally is there any way to ensure that all civs start with their civ bonuses (Lithuanians +150 food, aztecs +50 gold, chinese -200f and less wood, Mayans extra villager) in a scenario? Does anyone have a scenario where i can copy the triggers from? Or is there another way, but for no, tell me how i can remove the additional 3 Villagers again

Since i wont get any help here anyway i had to add about 7x8 (7 civs wih unusual starts for 8 players) triggers and to remove the invisible chinese villager spawner i had to map copy an uninfested piece of map to the place where they villager spawned to get rid of the villager spawner.