Scenarios Objectives display

I am playing the SP content for a while now and something bothers me: there is no display difference between main and secondary iobjectives, only a simple list.
Wouldn’t be nice to separate them with appropriate titles, for more readibility?

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The checkboxes have slightly different colors: gold for primary and silver for secondary. But it can be difficult to notice that, especially if you’re not aware of if ahead of time.

Otherwise it’s up to the scenario author to separate them, or write text visually to make them distinct in the objective menu and panel. Usually I find the tools available right now are sufficient for that.


You mean official scenarios (as well as the ones from campaigns) have different colors? I never noticed

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How do you mark objectives as primary or secondary in the editor? Furthermore, how do you make objectives quantity-based?

You enter the descriptions of the objectives in the trigger info tab. The left box is for the scenario instructions screen, the right box is for the small objectives box in the top-right of the screen during gameplay.

Use a + to get a gold checkbox and a - to get a silver checkbox.

To display numerical values use angle brackets <>. The Accumulate Attribute condition has a list with values you can display, and you can use a comma followed by a number to get the value for a specific player. For example, <Relics Collected, 5> displays the number of Relics collected by player 5.

The Display Order box determines the order the objectives are displayed. Greater numbers display the objectives higher up in the list.

Objectives are checked off when their conditions are fulfilled. You can use a condition such as Player Defeated, Gaia to have an objective that is never checked off. That can be used to write other text in the objectives as separators between sections.