Scholar bug with relics

Hello! I would like to highlight an issue when using scholars with Delhi Sultinate civ. In a nutshell when my scholar is standing next to the mosque with relic in it, the scholar tends to pick out relic from the mosque again and again in a short period of time. I just hear the pick up relic sound when i don’t pay attention to my base and then I saw the schloar picked out the relic from mosque automatically. The issue is not in place when the scholar is not next to the mosque and just stands elswhere. The game version is 5.0.9369.0. But I experienced this thing with other version of the game. Best whishes, Bazsa

Hey @Bazsa85! I’ve been unable to repro this. Is there anything else specific that you have noticed that might have caused this (in a certain Age, certain tech researched/being researched, # of Scholars, # of Mosques etc.)?

Much appreciated!

I can’t give you more details in this matter. It happens in age 3 and 4. It doesn’t matter how many relics in mosque, I just have to command my scholars from mosque in order to having my relics stay there.

Are you rallypointing them to fill mosques with relics in them maybe?