School of cavalty description wrong in Spanish

Include the game version number.

Explain the problem.
The description of the building School of cavalry in Spanish is wrong, apparently a bonus already deleted in the game. It says “Costes de producción de unidades reducidos un 20%”.
It means “units production costs reduced by 20%”. Also it is under ‘Influence’, but this building has no influence anymore.

Callout any triggering events
You only can read it in-game, clicking on the building a putting the mouse on the building description. This can’t be read at the techology tree on the menu.

Provide reproduction steps
1-Start a game with french
2-Go to the Age II with the School of cavalry building.
3-Read the building description.


Thanks @Castrum4812! I really appreciate the thorough report. I’ll get this to the localization team.