Score compeletely useless, wrong, misleading for casters. Also the stats for observing nonexistent

Last game I played I had 33k resources in the bank, full sea control, castle on enemy island, 153 pop. My opponent had 10 workers working, a total of 500 resources in then bank and 82 pop… The score? 7200 for me, 7100 for opponent. Pretty much equal. Also I’ve seen caster comment on how scores don’t seem to be right, or casters using scores as a guideline for commenting how the players are doing. Are we getting score based on units killed or something? Completely useless. And the stats the casters can show the viewers? No villager and millitary comparision, no army size comparison. No population comparison. No production and upgrades tab comparison. No resources lost comparison.

Aoe4 is trying to establish it’s position in competetive esports and viewer experience is extremely important. But aoe4 seem to not even be trying making this part decent. Maybe fix these simple things. There are so many things that would require so little investment to fix, but add so much to the viewer experience

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