Scorpion buff(attack ground/area function)

Often times, particularly in low numbers, scorpions can be kited to get closer to them before the finishing blow, or in a petards case, explosion.

I suggest that an attack ground or attack area feature to be added to allow for some further micro ability on these fine units called scorpions.


And after we add such a feature how do you keep them from being absolutely busted in larger numbers?

Idk, mangonels always have been a nice scorp counter. Also mass cavalry usually poses a high threat to scorpions. (in the lategame also rams and bbc)

I think it could be an interesting addition. But as scorpions already see much more use in higher elos than lower it could be counterproductive aswell. I think if there should be something changed about scorpions it should make them easier to use for lower ranked players.


The thing about scorpions is that they have a longer range than just 7 once they fire their projectilces. Pretty sure they fire over 12 tiles


And this would make it interesting.
Don’t forget the shots would always count as “missing” which means that the hit units would always take 50% damage.

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Scorp projectiles essentially double the mangonel’s range with carry distance. Further, scorps have a minimum range problem that target firing a location would completely ignore and drastically reduce the punishment for mispositioning.

I think there’s good, important reasons why the scorp doesn’t have a targeted area attack.


but if using the attack ground command capped their range the similar to the ballista elephants

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Well, i don’t care. I think the Idea is interesting, but I think it would be better to make scorps better for lower elos instead of higher elos.

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It never made sense that Scorpions can hit enemies within their minimum range and enemies beyond their maximum range, but they cannot directly aim at these enemies, doing so requires another enemy to be in an opportune location to allow targeting. It’s very counterintuitive, slightly frustrating, and I’m sure its part of the reason many players avoid Scorpions entirely. They behave especially poorly if they’re not on stand ground stance, which not everyone knows.

The answer is simple, if their projectile can hit an enemy then they should be able to fire at that enemy. The minimum range should be removed, they clearly work if they’re passing through targets at zero range. The projectiles should not travel beyond the max range (range may need to be adjusted for balance if this is too much of a nerf).

I don’t think attack ground is the solution, that just makes scorps better with pro micro, and still finicky for most players.