Scout aggression vs villagers on gold mines in dark age

A player I was against rushed my gold with one scout which does minimal damage but by keeping his scout there he was able to force me to rotate out my villagers mining gold, this resulted in more idle time than I would have liked in the dark age.

I know I sound a bit crazy here and I’m definitely tilted right now but I can’t find a legitimate way to counter this. if I try to attack with my villagers he can outrun them with his scout and come right back, forcing more idle time. If I build a scout I’m behind a villager, Do I really just have to sit there and rotate out villagers for 2 mins? I have no desire to play against that, IMO villagers should get bonus damage vs scouts as right now there is no possibility that my villagers are able to kill his scout.

there’s this thing called palisade walls, you can use it to keep the enemy scout from harassing your mining camp.

Harassing vils is a very important part of Dark Age, and it seems like it works well against you lol


lol totally yes, My point is this isn’t a fun aspect of the game. I bought age of empires not age of scout fights. palisade walls would be a complete over investment to stop this.

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lmao i get what you mean xD

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If u cant “micro” - u should bring back ur STARTING scout or build a new one. He is wasting his time… same as me while answering the question…
Anyway, his wasting his time for scouting to be annoying. Either bring back ur STARTING scout, micro against it, or build a sc.

Some can even block ur foundations, so what?
Even now vills pretty good against scouts if he wont pull it back, 2 vils will kil it.

If u send vil out to build a wall - scout should be able to kill him, it’s expected that military unit are stronger than some vil.

Anyway, i suggested above “bring back ur STARTING scout”.

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I think op doesn’t want to lose any villager time. Which is fine. I agree with using your scout to chase the enemy scout, but the scout does so little damage you can just keep harvesting gold and ignore the scout until yours arrives. It sounds like he is playing in a low elo so if he loses 1 villager by ignoring the scout it’s probably not the end of the world.

stable should be available at tier 1 to produce scouts for all civs…

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LMAO was this in a 3v3/4v4? i think i did that to you. mongol scout sniped like 3 vills and had you idle then french player came and griefed ur other side and u salt rage quit

Just build a outpost bro. Cheers!

That would be really really dumb

bringing back your starting scout is probably the answer.

Villagers currently do 6? damage with a 3.75s attack speed and scouts have 120 health. I feel like it is not worth it to idle my vils for 20 x 3.75 seconds to kill his scout. plus anyone that tries this strategy is going to be watching and will kite villagers until they return to work and then start attacking them again.

In general I’m against having to pay troll tolls against ineffective 0 investment strategies like this one.

no, but it was similar. I didn’t lose any villagers but after dealing with it for a minute and a half I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to micro against this cheese and left the game.