Scout calvary faster LC and hussar

in starting in Feudal age Scout Calvary have a speed of 1.55 while Light cavalry and Hussar have a speed of 1.5 this is not very noticeable because continuing to make Scout cavalry in castle age is not a viable strategy and by the time you usually see Light Cavalry, they likely already have husbandry which offsetting the speed nerf. You could argue that this because Light Cavalry and hussar are more armored which I guess makes logical sense, but this same logic isn’t applied to other units that which are clearly more heavily armored than their unupgraded counterpart. I’m not sure what the best solution is Light Cav could use the +.05 while the hussar doesn’t and I don’t think scout calvary deserve a nerf. This is slightly unrelated but a buff to the DA scout’s speed could be very helpful at low ELo’s were people struggle with scouting, it could also make boar laming harder at higher elos.

I see it as the one exception to the rule that units never get worse in any way from an upgrade. (Okay, there’s gunpowder units suffering from extra range too, but that’s mostly unintentional.)

Aoe2 has that a lot, there’s one-ish exception to a lot of rules. There are no defensive buildings that don’t cost stone, except Malay harbors. There are no infinite resources, except relics, and feitoria, and previously Malay fish traps. No siege in feudal age, or a second TC for that matter, unless you’re Cumans.

These rules exist for a reason, but they can still be broken on special occasions.

I think is a legacy mistake that never hurt so much…

maybe but you think they would have noticed it after 20 years

Well, Paladin has a slower hitspeed than Knight and Cavalier, so… :thinking:


Yes, but I think it should be in a very low priority

Another example is Knights attack speed being reduced once upgraded to Cavaliers!!

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Actually, it’s Cavalier to Paladin that changes, like I said above. 1.8 seconds to 1.9 seconds hitspeed change.


yes but all you need to do is change one number i could probably figure it out after several hours research into Aoe2 moding

I was actually unsure if it’s Knight to Cavalier or Cavalier to Paladin, thanks for the heads up!

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