Scout does fire damage vs unit if he doesn't finish attack vs a building

When can I see the incident?
match history: around the 11.00 minute mark in the game: Farmer pickles vs alexMignea. 32 minute game on mongolian heights(EU-server). Date 12/21/2021.

What happened?
I was looking through the game I just played and noticed in the replay that my scout together with some spearman where burning down a dock, When the dock burned down I attack moved the scout against the french knight, when suddenly he starts running to the knight with his torch AND BURNS THE DUDE DOWN (with extra damage). Honestly laughed my ■■■ off but don’t think it’s intended. After rewatching a few times I came to the conclusion that the last attack against the dock wasn’t finished and when I attack moved he just used that move somehow against the french knight? (IDK I’m not a programmer).

Sorry english is not my first language.


New counter vs french knight 2.PNG

Thank you for this report @Jeppo4694! We’ll check into it.