Scout landmark siege rush needs to be nerfed

The strategy of building 40 scouts super quick then just rushing to your landmarks to siege them down needs attention. I’m sure this isn’t the devs intention for the scout unit to be an early spam siege unit, its pretty ridiculous. Its also leads to such boring gameplay because they have one attempt at sieging down all your landmarks in age two which basically just boils down the luck and if they don’t pull it off they have to forfeit straight away because they have no economy because they have exclusively been building scouts. Its so one dimensional and the games have an expiry of 5 minutes.

People may say “its easy to counter”, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it clearly an exploit and not the intended function of the unit.

May I suggest reducing the siege damage of scouts?



Not really. Its like FL rush. If opponent fails to scout it and got their pants down they die. But if opponent acts accordingly the rush ends and defender is ahead.

In SC2 there were drone (worker rushes) where someone just pulled all the workers and went to kill opponent.
In WC3 there were similar rushes tho mostly commonly was tower rushes and proxy buildings.

I dont get what the heck ppl got to ask nerf every strategy that they lose to? Why not blame yourself for lack of scouting.


If u scout the oponent doing this its game over. This strategy is pretty much an all in.

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Normally I’d think of something to say for and against the OP’s idea, but Scout LM-S isn’t a problem. It is able to be countered and becomes easier to deal with as you encounter it.

Do you actually think that is interesting gameplay though? If I spot you doing it you automatically lose but if I don’t then I automatically lose… How is that fun?

How is that fun gameplay though? Just flipping a coin basically


In WC3 there were similar rushes

Does the FL rush indicate the FireLord Rush in Warcraft 3? :wink:
Because that is an argument it needs to be nerfed, not that it is okay. Even in Wc3, after all this time, there are specific strategies, especially in team games, that are damn hard to counter. Even when scouted.

Over the last 5 years I might have executed a few douzen fire lord rushes with fiends versus enemies, including other arranged teams. None of them survived. My percentile in the ELO ladder there is not much different from AoEIV

Interesting is completely subjective view. What ever you like it or not is irrelevant. Many play game to win and they find way to win most efficient way and they enjoy it.

There is nothing wrong with scout rush cheese.

Or Alchemist. :wink:

But yes in team games its own crazy world.

Ppl rush to tanks, bats, raiders, frostwyrms, chims what ever they can use to cheese 1 opponent down.

And almost every time there is one who has their pants down, picking up soap from the floor while having 10 swedish guys behind him while in shower.

I just love the fact that UD goes full frostwyrm and your whole team is refusing to build AA and when you switch to AA urself you need to deal with ground army too because allies are just making towers and hiding buildings.

So that’s a negative for the person doing it then not the victim. Bottom line is if you are playing against Rus you need to consider it a possibility and scout them ahead of time and easily thwart them with stone walls/spears.

It’s satisfying because of the reactions of people like you on the occasion it does pull off. Most people are more magnanimous though.

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Ahhh so you are one of the geniuses that try this then… must be fun. Do you lack the brain capacity to actually strategize?

Ermmm no that’s not how video games work haha obviously from the devs point of view it’s not purely about efficient ways of winning, they are trying to maintain fun game play for players. Hence why they nerfed springalds as they were efficient but hurting the gameplay.

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Scout them and if you think it’s coming get a barracks and make like 5 spears, ez win. Then the other dood will be like fuk, scout rush sucks and maybe not play it again

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I’ve come across the scout rush strat a few times personally and honestly it was just laughably poor. There’s nothing to it that is even remotely scary - a TC with 20 vills garrisoned in itwill do a good job clearing it, as will any sort of small army composition…

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Yes. The people who fall for it presumably have even smaller brains?

The only comparable thing here is animation cancelling. It can be pulled off without that though.

I believe if the animation cancel thing fixed. It will be fine

I wasn’t talking from devs perspective but players who fast matches / rushes etc.

Springald is slightly different story while we on topic. It was unit that always had to be in composition.

Scout rush is nowhere near same thing. You dont go 50 scouts mid or late game unless you use them to snipe siege etc.

Scout rush is nothing but all in at 7-10min mark and if it fails game is over.

People doing these type of “strats” will keep on repeating it. Until their favorite Twitch gamer finds another “Strat”. These are the same people who will get every unit nerfed until they’re useless. It’s a cycle of idiots min-maxing matches. If they can win 4/10 games, they’re happy.

I don’t mind them too much, their cheese “Strats” get weaker by the day, just like how English Longbowman rush used to work and now most people who play a few matches a day have learnt to deal with them.