Scout landmark siege rush needs to be nerfed

Tbh, scouts could probably deserve a small nerf even without these strats as they are a viable unit for tanking or killing siege (especially as Rus). The just have so much hp per resource, especially Rus scouts with 130 hp regenerating units for 50 food.

Believe they are 60 food, but ya, point still stands.

Scouts can destroy the Empire.
It’s a great game that has learned nothing from the past.

First, the attack animation of scout can be cancelled. The spearman can’t do that. Second, meat is not a scarce resource on the land and water map. Some civilizations can produce it easily and quickly, for example, Delhi, Chinese, Mongolia. If you have three stables, it only takes 1.56 ~ 2.22 mins to assemble an army of 40 scouts.
If player cancel attack animation, they can do many things. Fire Lancer requires age 3 and 1800 resources to unlock. As a unit of age 3.5, it need 120 resources. So, I can understand why Fire Lancer is so powerful.But I can’t understand the power of scouts.

Well you could do same with villagers if there was way to mass produce them early on. So why not have scouts with some other uses too? They’re also useful later on if player is short on stuff they can do scouts and use them to torch down siege.

Also they can just be used for harassment early on.

Also doing the scout rush is super all in meaning if opponent defends it they win. Completely pointless whining over it and only reason why someone would complain is because they neglected scouting and got caught off guard

Scouts are called “scouts” and suppose to scout the area. Things like animation canceling and bugs needs to be fixed. Also scout landmark rush is tied to mongol players because they can double produce units and scouts are cheap.

Its not tied to mongol…

Any civ with high enough production can do it.

Mongols, China, Rus, Delhi.

plz open the game/wiki and check unit’s description.
villager : 50 hp, need 50 meats, 1.13 Tiles/second , 3.75 seconds/attack
scounts : 110 hp, need 60 meats , 1.63 tiles/second , can cancel attack animation.

even if there was way to mass produce them early on, their economy is good enough to beat the opponent.

How is this relevant to anything?

I said “could do same” Im not saying it would be smart thing to do, but saying that villagers could ALSO burn down buildings if there WAS way to mass produce them