Scout should NOT be able to torch down siege

20 scouts =1200
10 bombards = 10,000

and 20 scouts melt right through 10 bombards? doesn’t matter if I’ve 30 spearmen in front, or right in front of the bombards, the scouts just run through, maybe 5 scouts die instantly to pikes and then the rest of the 15 just melt down a 10,000 investment.

Like, hello???

Of course the scouts die in the end, but in the end one player dumps 10k the other less than 2k.

Should make it so only horsemen and knights deal significant torch damage to siege units so that, in the process of killing the siege, you’re putting valuable horsemen and/or knights, which cost a significant greater amount than scouts, at risk.

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If you actually have 30 spearman in front of your cannons and 20 scouts try to pass them they will get wiped. Unless youre telling them to NOT attack.

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They mentioned this scenario in the balance stream today. It is considered an exploit for calv to go through spears that easily and should be fixed in the next patch.

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