Scouts and monks should be able to shift return relics and hunts

So, the problem is you send your monk to get a relic and shift send it back, he grabs it go to the monastery doesn’t return the relic and just stand there waiting. It happens to scouts and hunts too. That would not be such a big problem if the all army hotkey did not include monks and scouts. The worst part is that after standing there with a relic besides the monastery, when you get attacked you need to press all army hotkey and remove boats, monks and scouts before sending the army or you end up sending your monk to attack the enemy. it is a quality of life change that i think is not so complex to implement and really useful to allow shift sending to collect multiple relics or hunts.


I agree with this. There was a post a while back related to shift-queueing and monks, but it’s being “tracked internally” and I haven’t seen any update on it (I also haven’t really looked for an update, so maybe it’s out there).


It is one of the things that make the Imperial Official frustrating as well… you can’t shift return taxes because they haven’t collected them yet. It is really cool unit, it just needs to be a little smarter.

As a temporary workaround. you can shift click with the drop carcass or drop relic button or hotkey and then click on mill or monastery. Then it works as intended. Before picking up relic or deer, right click functions only as move. But you can force the other function by selecting the ui button or its hotkey.

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Thanks for bringing this up again. The thread linked above that I created was just about monks but this happens to all units that collect something.

The problem is that as it is right now, the game engine can’t process “future” actions. If a monk still doesn’t have a relic or a scout is not carrying a carcass, then it can’t drop it. Same thing with dropping sheep at the TC.

AoE II implemented this better and didn’t run into this problem. The devs need to change the engine code to assume monks, scouts, imp. officials, etc. are always carrying something so the drop function works.

They should have a list of inputs after you shift click a bunch of stuff.

Their problem is they are trying to process future actions, by processing the list of inputs all in one go, as opposed to just emulating manual input by translating inputs into actions sequentially only when the previous action is completed.

Feel like i remember devs lack of concern over this from somewhere…. Id prefer it, but id recommend not holding ur breath