Scouts Destroy Bug ( go to 0 HP dont die, start regen HP, and cant free my limit )

Lost super crazy 70 min game me as mongols vs china.

After 1 general fight, i mass produce Scouts from 20 stables, burned all to ground.
And here comes BUT
1 landmark left
and it is damn Great Walls, scouts can’t attack walls.
Me as mongols can’t build walls.
China player made in a blind spot farms and also mass scouts (20-30) and go all in into me.
so when i pushed B (Destroy all my 140 scouts) they go to 0 hp and start regen, so i hyper late i cant produce cannons because of full limit. Frankly a havent thought in that moment that i can just Destroy all my villagers.

But that was a point of total disappointing loose

Seen same topic
closed 4 January ! Seems like not so closed

Thank you for reporting @Gladchenko. This is something we are aware of. Apologies that it may have cost your match…this is the first I’ve heard of that happening!

P.S. I’ll typically close threads not because a problem is solved, but because it’s how I track what I’ve responded to generally. I may leave a thread open if I’ve responded but also may want others to chime in. But this one is pretty cut and dry as far as bugs go :slight_smile:. Appreciate the report!

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