Scouts shoot Deer 3 times despite killing them in 2 shots

Scouts deliver a redundant 3rd shot when killing a Deer, despite the Deer already being dead after the 2nd shot.

That’s because the deer die animation lasts longer than the scout attack animation. I don’t think this is an issue, but a way of reward a player who has better micro.

It’s not a feature. It’s a bug.

True, but they should probably stop shooting based on the actually death and not the animation.

The actually “death” is the moment is unselectable. Right now, it becomes unselectable and turns into food at the moment the deer hits the ground. Furthermore, it gives the reward to rus when hitting the last arrow, so the game knows exactly when the deer is dead, but simply don’t make it untargeteable until it hits the ground

Same happens with sheeps or boar. I am not saying that I like or I dislike it, simply that I don’t think it’s a bug.

I won’t take a stand on this one, but I will say the team is discussing it. No promises either way :slight_smile: .