[script] Global Event Item Start and Cancelled Not Triggering

Hey all,

I hope the right people can take note:
From the Modding Discord I’ve read that two GE_ triggers wouldnt trigger namely: “GE_BuildItemCancelled” or “GE_BuildItemStart”. Only “GE_BuildItemComplete” triggers. I’ve tested this with near identical functions and the breakpoint debugging clearly shows that the function is not being called when using this in a Rule_AddGlobalEvent trigger for instance.

	Rule_AddGlobalEvent(Mod_AlmostHoused, GE_BuildItemComplete)
	Rule_AddGlobalEvent(Mod_ProduceVillager, GE_BuildItemStart)

Oh Dev Gods, could this be fixed pretty please? :slight_smile:

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I wanted to use these functions myself, but unfortunately they don’t work. I would also be happy if it gets fixed soon.

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Is there any update on this?

On the current documentation I see within scardoc;RuleSystem that there are faarr less GE events listed then I get suggested when scripting within the content editor. Is the documentation exhaustive?