Scripting Scenarios

I think if there will be an official support for scripting in scenarios it would be a huge opportunity for the advanced users of the map-editor.
So people could create scenarios with multiple events happening on the map while playing, and this would even
allow us to create new game modes and interactive stories/missions.
Obviously this would extend the playtime of the game and opens up tons of new opportunities. (Maybe just think of Warcraft, how many new gamemodes where created)

On the other hand I don’t know how much work it is for the developers to implement such a scripting system, it depends on how they made up the whole campaign system & also which framework they’re using etc.

well i wouldn’t except much as dev said there won’t even be triggers as they don’t exist in original game either so it won’t be possible to make complicated scenarios. However old scenarios from original game are compatible in AOE:DE