I have played this game for years and I keep trying to make threads about it but I can’t find this “last recorded game file” everyone keeps referring to. it feels like there has been a big jump in the amount of throw away accounts that play with such fluidity/perfect anticipation of units raiding they’re able to intercept every attack and defend their army from the fog of war.

I saw that thread about the scripting where you can press a button to make units choose the priority targets, but I wonder are people doing this for like “find nearest gold mine, find nearest food” etc so they don’t have to manually micro villagers?

I am about ready to quit, Ive played hundreds of games and mostly win but recently you encounter these people like every other game and there’s no way to get an edge because it feels like they are anticipating everything.

I’ve noticed no change and I have thousands of games played.


there are indeed fog reveal cheaters. but afaik there are no script do what you suggested. the thread you saw did post about selecting units in a way regular setting doesn’t have.

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