Scroll keys do not respond correctly if bound to a combination of keys

Game Version:

  • Build Version 1001.101.34223.0 4509956
  • Platform (Steam)


When assigning the Scroll Keys (Up, Left, Right, Down) to CTRL+W, CTRL+A, CTRL+D and CTRL+S, they also respond to just W, A, S, D. This also happens with any combination of keys for this slot. So SHIFT+Key etc. also works.

I expect the keys to only respond to the exact combination, so only if CTRL+A is pressed, the game scrolls.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Simply assign Up, Left, Right, Down to a combination of keys

This happens for me too. Confirmed for Ctrl, Shift, and Alt.

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How could this bug, still be around almost an year later?
I don’t remember this problem in the original AOE II.

The problem also occurs if you assign the normal WASD as scroll hotkeys, and then, for example in an Archery Range, you assign the Create Archer hotkey as Shift+A.

Then, when you have selected and Archery Range and click Shift+A, the scroll (that is assigned only as ‘A’), also takes place!

This is completely unbearable…

Address this please.


Agreed this is completely rediculous!

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