Scrolling serious problem - bottom right corner

Game Version:

  • Build 23987


Within the game, when scrolling through the map by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen, the camera moves down abruptly and erratically when the pointer is moved to the bottom right corner.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Launch a regular game or begin creating a new scenario in the editor;
  2. Move the mouse to the far right edge of the screen (in the vertical midpoint) and wait the camera begin moving to the “east”;
  3. When the camera begins the movement rightwards, move the cursor a bit to the left to take it out of the edge of the screen, thus terminating the scroll-to-the-right effect;
  4. As you can see, everything is normal: on the moment you no longer want to scroll right, just tilt the mouse a bit to the left and it ceases scrolling;
  5. Repeat steps 2-4, but now cycle from the upper-right corner counter-clockwise (move the cursor to the “northeast”, wait for the camera to move 45º degrees in that direction, then move the mouse to the opposite direction (225º or “southwest”) to cease the scrolling. Repeat on all the 8 corners until you last try on the bottom-right corner;
  6. Now you can see the behaviour on that particular corner is different: when moving the mouse to the southeast edge of the screen, the camera will begin moving to the 315º direction, BUT when you want to stop scrolling, it will be no use moving the mouse in the opposite direction (135º or northwest);
  7. Now you should be seeing the camera moving to the southeast indefinitely, even if you move the mouse to the opposite direction. To correct, you must violently move the mouse on the opposite direction, all the way across the mousepad;
  8. By the time you finally get the camera moving away from the southeast, it will be too late: you already missed everything that was going on the screen prior to scrolling bottom-rightwards. A painful, fun-spoiling experience.

P.s. a future update could include a drag-scroll function, to allow paning the camera without moving the mouse to the edges. Starcraft II has this helpful function.

Edit: It appears that, when you send the cursor to the bottom right corner, it gets “swallowed” into a even farther, invisible position to the southeast direction, forcing you to move the mouse much further in the opposite direction.