Scythes cause lag?

Since the merge with steam, this game has been lagging terribly. And the game continuing despite the lag just make it worse. The game literally drop down to 1 FPS and it’s just unpayable. Sometimes I’m quitting the game just because of that.

And while it is not the main cause (it sometimes it lags for other reasons), it happens very often, that when players are switching up to SCYTHES, and they are creating mass of them, BOOM, the game enters in 1FPS mode and it becomes uncontrollable. It’s a matter of minutes before my screen goes white and freeze.

Clearly, there is something in your coding that makes it lag. I have a good internet, and my computer was able to play the game before the merge with steam. Something needs to be fixed. It’s sometimes making the game unfair because it takes 15 seconds to even create a selection box around my units, and I’m never sure if I’ll tribute my ressources in time before quitting, that’s if I can open the tribute menu!


This issue has been addressed several times. Has nothing to do with Scythes, but just with vast number of units on the map and on the move. Main reason why most Death Match players stick to the old client.

So far we’ve heard nothing from the developers so the situation remains poor.

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