Sea maps in ranked

I want to know, why till this day we dont have ranked games in sea maps? Personally I always loved them back in the original AOE3 and it was a big disapointment when I saw that they were removed from the ranked matches. Because of this, right now we have that 1/3 of the maps are never being played when, to be honest, the matches could benefit a lot from the variety that a mix of land maps and water maps could give.

With this said I want to hear your opinion. Would you like to sea the return of water maps to ranked games?


Most people don’t like water maps, that’s why they aren’t in ranked. As for why they don’t? I have some guesses but it doesn’t help that the AI is practically unsupported on them, so people get very little practice on them before moving over to pvp.

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I get it. But as you say, between IA being unablee to play water maps and them not being in ranked is practicaly impossible to play them.

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Water is not balanced. So need to avoid pure water map. Land based hybrid map is ok they have a bit of fish

So the problem is the balance … I see
A water rework is very much needed!

There’s a big difference between an undefined meta and unbalanced. Water play has never been heavily explored in AOE3. Think of all the cards no one ever sends: admiralty, advanced dock, offshore support, naval gunners, battleships.

This is generally true of all AOE games. It’s universally recognized as an intrinsic part of the game but very few want to focus on it.

Despite being in the game since 2005, Amazonia is generally reviled by the community (a great shame, since the most enjoyable games I ever played were on Amazonia).

The fact is that the vast majority of players view good water civs through a very focused lens; setting up a fishing eco and defending it. Hauds for the free travois, ports for the tcs they can put on the coast, any civ with schooners.

There’s so much to water play and water maps that has never been seriously explored, ignoring maps like Caribbean or Archipelago. It’s not that water is unbalanced; true strengths are unknown.


I love Caribbean and Hispaniola. Really miss Borneo too


Screenshot 2024-01-19 144910
Guys… anybody know name of this map?

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