Search functionality for mods on the website

Currently if you want to see all the mods by specific person, you can click on their name. But what this actually does it just use their name as a search term rather than showing (only) those mods created by that person.

I feel like this would be better implemented where searching for the author in the search box functions as it currently does, but clicking on them instead specifically shows the mods associated with that account. Or add some option to specifically search the author field.

For example, if I wanted to see hypothetical mods created by an account called Krakenmeister, it shows me 600+ pages of mods that I wouldn’t actually be interested in.


The search function is totally different in game and on the website as well. The in-game one brings up way more results (in my experience, at least), it’s not always clear why they all appeared for a particular search term.

Yeah, and if you search for something without too many results, it duplicates results (at least for me) so that it displays a certain number.