Season 1 and server side patches thank you

Want to thank the team for getting the ship headed in the right direction. Quicker updates and listening to feedback are vital for the long term success of AoE4.

They have certainly revitalized my interest in the game.

Thank you devs and forum mods.


Echo this. This server-side patches is the best news i have ever heard since the official release. I am looking forward to the new contents now Relic!


This was a necesary step forward.

Usually when a new patch hits it’s inevitable that bugs sneak in. And waiting for a month to clear them is not good.


Thank you very much developers. Great news that you now also do server side patches in addition to the monthly patches and the season updates. Happy to see that you listen to our feedback. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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It was about time some of us saw the kind of change we had expected from launch.