Season 2 starts on July 14 with new changes

The link: Age of Empires IV: Season Two Is Coming!  - Age of Empires

I wander how those monsters will work.

I sincerely doubt they’re putting monsters in the game.


Maybe it’s a spoiler for the next Age of Mythology 2?


I think its mostly gonna be Unexplored map decour.

However, I am praying for a NAVAL revamp. As this seems to very “ocean” themed, I do hope they have something up their sleeves addressing the naval balance issue.

Hopefully more naval units?


that was on my mind too

“We’ll be resetting the Ranked Ladder and starting Ranked Season Two shortly after the major update.”

The community shouldn’t have to guess when the major patch will be released. Both announcements should have been stated. And they could have kept the emphasis on season 2.


“We’ll be resetting the Ranked Ladder and starting Ranked Season Two this July 14th a week after the major update on the 7th.”

Are we really nitpicking? We desire more information that we’re used to getting from other games.

그렇군요. 잘 알겠습니다. 감사합니다.

well the verdict is out delhi’s gonna dominate season 2, with all the bug fixes to delhi tower elephant blacksmith upgrades and maps like koth, ancient spires, the pit.

This looks really exciting to me. I love the naval theme and can’t wait to play. I also think all the naval awards like a statue in your TC of a ship being wrecked by a sea monster or a trident on your banner will be really nice. Way to go to the devs for putting it all together.

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Yeah it’s just a kind of random theme of “map monsters” as in the ones on old maps.

I also hope for a water rework soon, but I highly doubt it is in this patch since there was nothing for it on the PUP and that really seems like something that would be.

Are they going to make adjustments to the system of offshore battle? Or there are only some new profile photos and monuments?
Come on, show me the scheme.

MegaRandom in quick play - ouuu yes!


Dont get my hopes up that high

Season Two starts in an hour?