Season 4 bug: The edges of the minimap cannot be clicked

Normally, you can command units to go to a location by selecting them and right-clicking on the minimap. But in season 4, the edges of the minimap cannot be clicked. You also can’t click on those edges to jump to that part of the map.

Game version: 6.0.878.0

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Hey @PrimaryN00b. Could you screencap a minimap and mark which areas you are unable to click? Unfortunately this isn’t something I see so a bit more info will help us investigate. Thanks!

I omitted that this happens only after you rotate the minimap. I attached a screenshot showing an example of where this bug happens (the black circles).
minimap bug

North is annotated in red as I mistakenly cut off the original N label. So you know how the screenshot example was rotated, but I think the orientation of rotation doesn’t seem to matter.

I confirm this, I started playing with camera rotation and it happen me during a ranked match, pretty annoying.

Thanks, all! We’ll investigate.