Season 5 pup preview!

For improving game visual ghulam can hold a dagger or another sword instead of shield.(With new attack animations)

Many unique units ? What? HRE only have 2 and one is not combat unit…


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Also people didnt like that keshik heal when it attacks palaside wall.It can still keep healing attacking the normal buildings

Well they weren’t talking about just HRE were they?

The unit is for raiding, siege (lots of Mongolian identity) and long fights, but Mongol in Castles will have problems against knights if players don’t use the Keshik well.

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What is meant is that it is unaffordable that each civilization has 7 unique units + massive peculiar bonuses when new civilizations will continue to be launched.

My suggestion Change the bonus, against heavy, from +2/3/4 to +3/3/4

remember that the man-at-arms has a higher attack speed 1.38 vs 2 of the Ghazi

On I totally know what you mean.

That other guy who replied to you thought he had some kind of gotcha moment or something by saying HRE only has 2.

it shouldnt get heal when its attacking palaside wall the answer you give is so irrelevant to what im trying to say

Cavalry is pretty weak if it can’t be healed in other ways. We would have to see how the metagame develops.


So what did they change about the English?

I agree, it needs to be removed.
Because Palisade walls do not give any bounty.
They should heal only when they are attacking buildings that give bounty.

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Rus knights carrying lances when they normally run around instead they must carry their poleaxes and lance should appear when they charge people want to see those poleaxes
Devs are so clever by the way the changes they made carry a good purpose but little details like that can hurt the eyes :smiley:

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The lance is supposed to be out any time their charge attack is available. Not just while charging. It’s the visual indicator that they are ready to charge. While it’s on cooldown their poleaxes would be out.

However this is currently bugged on the PUP and the lance is showing even when the charge is on cooldown.


I didnt like the changes on delhi at new pup update: sanctity nerf was unnecessary

Also ghazi raiders are not that strong,new sipahi not that strong too for the resource you pay for them

Well, PUP just updated. I see the late game chinese nerf.

-We glad that barbican rush is removed now, can we get the old 12 garrison space? We can’t drop it anynore near enemy’s TC, give us some extra feudal defense against the keshiks, sipahis, and ghazis that you just added/buffed.

-Can we just get the old technology that discount the NoB? The 1 additional rocket for that price is… well, priciey, i don’t know is it worth it to grab it, or it is more worth it to just make additional #### ### ### already cost 300g BTW

-Palace Guard is not the strongest MAA that can be spammed, English and HRE got stronger MAA, and they usually also have enough passive gold to spam it all day. And late game there is sipahis and ghazis that is also spammable. Well, the gold cost now is pretty… Awful. Can we make palace guard stronger then? Or make it available in feudal so we can better defend against the newly buffed feudal powerhouse.

Thank you


The cost change of NoB might be a typo. I tested it in PUP live, seems all other changes took effect except the one related to cost. Afterall it do seem pretty radiculous to increase it to 300/500. It’s still a nerf to NoB because the cost reduction (25%) is gone, but the damage output only increased by 12.5%.

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